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Shining God's Light In My Life

It is common to hear in community that the Lord equips those He calls. Adrian Bondoc, current Executive Producer of Kakaiba Ka and one of Ligaya's sought after speakers, knows this very well as he started to sense God's prodding in his life as early as high school. Back then he says that he found ease being in front of the class and do reports whereas most peers would find this daunting. He realized it early enough to be one of his important skills - speaking in public.
What started out as a skill eventually turned into service for the Lord when, during his freshman year in college, he served as a one-man team for Christ's Youth in Action in Angeles University Foundation in Pampanga. He was leading worship and was also Music Ministry all in one not to mention that he also served as CYA staffer. Those service years led him to bigger service as he transitioned from CYA to Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (ALNP) – Angeles. Still faithful to the call of his faith and community life as life's paths became clearer to him through eventual marriage and family life, Adrian's service through public speaking followed him as he transitioned to Ligaya ng Panginoon (LNP). Through the years, his leadership skills were also recognized as he served leadership posts as well. On this, he says, "Sometimes what starts out as a skill becomes a gift."

Adrian with CYA

As he has continued to be open to God's prodding each and every time he is called, he saw himself getting into more and more forms of service which also unfortunately burned him out. At which point, he also had to stop and say, "I think I am already making a career out of my service!" He got honest by expressing a need to also rest. And, so he did after being a District Servant for Ligaya for around 7 years. And as he marked this time with plenty of reflection, he realized that among the things he did for the Lord and for community, the one thing that never tired him was being a speaker. It really never felt like a huge task for him just like how he felt about it as a young person. Getting to speak boosts him up.
He also realized how the same gift in public speaking has been reflected in his career as a corporate trainer and how his faith life in turn also served him well as husband and father. Highly aware of his gifts as well as determined to use them for service to the Lord, Adrian also consistently speaks in recollections and retreats for his alma mater. He finds fulfillment in getting in touch with the youth and to have the opportunity to talk to them about values and the faith.

God has been, and will always be, constant in His calling, in His faithfulness, with His graces... God has remained true to form in His words and deeds in my life...

And, so the Lord indeed has equipped Adrian and has also has been glorified through his openness to be used by Him. The young man who was giving wonderful class reports has become one of His speakers sharing talks here and there and even eventually coming to the helm of "Kakaiba Ka" where, as Executive Producer, he still applies his public speaking gift in crafting episode after episode of the show.

Adrian with KKK

Asked about how God has moved in his life, he further shares, "God has been, and will always be, constant in His calling, in His faithfulness, with His graces. From being a student to a single working professional and until now as a husband and father, God has remained true to form in His words and deeds in my life."
And, so from Adrian, we learn how to be open to God's calling, how to be self-aware so much so that one knows what unique gift he is meant to share to the world and how to make this gift grow through time. The Lord did say in Matthew 5:15: "Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a bushel, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

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