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Open Door: Our Father

Each time we exclaim "Abba" or "Father", we are made into His sons and daughters as we are drawn closer to Him.
But how does one who has never met her earthly father embrace the truth of God being a Father?
This month's Sharer, Raziel Munarriz, never met her father and yet has never felt insecure or incomplete about this because God has always made sure of His presence despite their family's tragic loss. God fulfilled His role as her Father through her immediate and extended family. Through them, God led, provided and protected her.

Our brother Bobby Quitain, shared about 3 ways that we could relate with God as or Abba and Father.

1. Let us DISCLOSE EVERYTHING TO HIM about yourself - your fears, doubts and dreams. Do not hold back anything from Him because He understands and He listens.
2. Let us ACCEPT GOD'S DISCIPLINE because He disciplines us out of love because He desires to bring out the best in us. We experience growth each time we respond to His discipline.
3. DON'T BE AFRAID to ask from God. Ask big and ask smart. If it is good for you, He will not withhold it from you.

Let us all be assured that we have Abba, our loving Father in heaven who continues to be with us every step of our life.

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✍️ Tricia Villegas

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