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Open Door

"As a child, I first knew who I was by my name and whose child I was.
When I grew up, I learned there are so many things I can be, other than what I first knew.
But do I really know my real me?
Am I happy with what I am now?
Do others see me as I really am?"

In this March episode of Open Door - Who Am I? - we invite you to discover your real you and see what really matters in your life.

The event will begin with the celebration of the Holy Mass followed by an inspirational gathering.

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There will be a healing session at the UPTC site from 9:00 - 9:45 AM, before the celebration of the Holy Mass.

The episode of Open Door will be live-streamed from the UPTC Cinema 2. Check out these links:
Facebook: @opendoorlnp
YouTube LIVE: OneTouchPlusApp
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