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Gratitude is the expression of thankfulness for what one has. There is power when we praise and thank God for what He has done for us.

Gratefulness is something we oftentimes forget in the midst of our busy lives but going back to this leads us to a more peaceful heart.

Our sister, Rina Manuel shared about learning to be grateful in all circumstances during the pandemic. During the lockdown, she started to post about 3 things she is grateful for everyday. She realized that by being grateful, hope shines within knowing that one day, things will be better and will turn out well in the end. She has learned to be thankful in times of rejoicing and in times of trials and difficulties.

Gratefulness is something we oftentimes forget in the midst of our busy lives...

Our brother Bobby Quitain shared about the power of gratitude. He shared about rejoicing always because it is an expression of faith and in doing so, we will learn to see the blessing even in our challenges. He also shared about the need to pray continually, so we may deepen our relationship with the Lord that it doesn't matter how He answers our prayers because we are confident that His answers are what is best for us. Bobby also shared about giving thanks in all circumstances because it trains our hearts and minds to always look for the blessing.

When we learn to be thankful, we learn to live in a Gratitude Cycle where our hearts rejoice in faith, we receive the grace to pray, we are led to look for the blessings which leads us to be grateful and to rejoice in it once again.

May we live our days with a grateful heart.

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