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God takes delight when we are grateful to Him not because He is an egotistical God but because gratitude is good for our soul.
It reminds us of our inadequacy and of our need of a savior.
It reminds us that we are loved not because we are deserving but simply because we are His.
It reminds us of how empty life is without His favor and blessing.
It reminds us that we are nothing without Him.

It reminds us of the cross which gives us hope and promise.
That no sin is beyond salvation and no failure beyond redemption;
That no disease is beyond healing and no loss beyond gaining;
That no merit is enough to gain heaven yet no sin big enough to lose it.
For as long as we constantly turn to him in repentance and faith.

Yes, we are grateful because He is faithful.
His work.
His sacrifice.
His victory.
Now becomes ours undeservingly.

Be grateful, my friend!

... we are nothing without Him ...

✍️ Bobby Quitain

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