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About ProClaim!

Our History

Although Kakaiba Ka!, Pathways of Hope and Open Door were already airing even before 2021, it was only in 2021 when ProClaim! was born as an umbrella ministry for the three aforementioned shows.


Today, it is the one-stop-shop channel for inspirational Christian material from the three online programs of Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon, Kakaiba Ka, Pathways of Hope and Open Door. Through these ministries, ProClaim! seeks to inspire all peoples to know God and His great love for all of us.

Proclaim literally means "to announce" but the proclamation of the Gospel is really just the first step of the work set out for ProClaim! We consider ourselves as foot soldiers, the frontliners, and it is our mission to win people for Christ and to bring them back to Christ through the Word of God.

Aside from proclaiming God's Word, the goal of every show is also to encourage our viewers to seek out a Christian community where they can grow in full maturity and live a full life in Christ from whichever walk of life they come from or wherever continent in the world they live in.

That is why ProClaim! is spelled with a capital C and an exclamation point. C is Christ and the exclamation point conveys our eagerness and willingness to go on mission for the Lord.

ProClaim! Vision

Winning the World by His Word!

We want to be victorious in Christ! We want to see a world transformed using ProClaim! as an alternative channel for good Christian values that specializes on teachings that inspire, motivate and which are usable in their everyday lives amidst a modern world.

We envision ProClaim! enhancing the quality and the impact of its three existing programs; for ProClaim! to expand its digital reach to every corner of the Earth with different shows that answer the spiritual needs of different segments of society.

ProClaim! Mission

It is ProClaim!'s mission to inspire all peoples to know God and His great love for all of us through our online programs.

Through their own unique charism, each of the programs aims to attract a specific group. However, put together, they seek to connect to all regardless of creed, color, culture and economic and social status because we are all children of God.

Kakaiba Ka!

An inspirational program for Christian short stories from ordinary people with kakaiba (unique, different, special) experiences that aspires to help you start a personal relationship with God.

It showcases Christian virtues, good values, and the modern-day heroes who live them out. It features people who choose to do things differently than the world's normal.

It airs via FB Live every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 4pm.

Originally a radio program in DZIQ 990, it was re-launched on September 12, 2021 on Facebook and now has 4.6k followers.

Kakaiba Ka! is also available in YouTube.

Pathways of Hope

A program that aims to sustain the believer who may be starting or struggling in the faith with daily nourishment of the Word of God.

Pathways of Hope shares daily short online video bible reflections on the daily gospel readings in both English and Filipino through its growing number of Hopegivers and 10 servants across the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon community.

POH also holds monthly live online spiritual, inspirational and practical talks called "Time-Out: A Short Break with a Hopegiver" and conducts online recollections during special seasons of the Catholic Church.

Watch daily episodes via Facebook.

POH now has an average daily viewership of 10,324.

Open Door

Open Door is for individuals or families who may be practicing the faith through Sunday Mass but are looking for something more in their faith life.

OD holds a monthly online event that starts with a Holy Mass then worship, inspiring sharing, and powerful preaching. It is streamed via Facebook and YouTube every 1st Sunday of the month at 9:00 am.

Right after OD is ‘Beyond the Open Door,' a ‘meet and greet' for first time OD attendees, via Zoom. It is also an opportunity to refer them to Pathways sites near their residences or workplaces.

OD has more than 6,000 FB followers and continues to grow in viewership. Every episode is watched by at least 700 viewers in both platforms, combined.

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